Friday, April 19, 2013

Globe WiMax Nightmare.... Worst customer service.

I just want to share my experience with Globe Telecom. I have sent a copy of this letter to Globe Telecom and specifically addresed it to Mr. Ernest L. Cu. Hoping for a fair resolution....

Hi sir, 

I recently cancelled my service due to numerous problems I have encountered with your service/company from day one. Allow me to enumerate my bad experiences with your company. Worst experience I've had so far with any companies.

November of 2012, I ordered service from one of your field agents. Promised me a FREE installation fee under project Firefly with 6 months 20% discount. 

1. Free Installation not true! Called cust service and got a adjustment but I paid more than half of the installation fee. 

2. Landline service which is part of of the bundled service, not working?!! Called cust service and I was told there is ongoing network issue. NO LANDLINE SERVICE to date.

3. Service was disconnected two times even after I paid the full amount at your service center in SM Molino. 

First was on 2/13/13 payment was made 1/26/13, I had to send you a proof of payment which was after 18 days after from payment, had to wait to get my service restored even though  paid. 

Second disconnection was on  3/4/13, when I called I was told payment was posted already but you disconnected it anyway. Very convenient ha? 

4. On 3/27/13 I could not connect to any web site, was told I will get an on site visit on 3/30/13 due to holidays, I was given a job order. Only to find out that i was not scheduled. I talked to IAN supervisor told me he will try to find an available tech but to no avail. He asked me if i was available on sunday I told him NO. Said he will call me back. I didnt receive any callback.

5. Sunday 3/31/13, I received missed calls from the tech, I called him back told him to schedule the next afternoon, he said yes. An hour after I received a call from one of your specialists asked if I was contacted by the tech, I said yes and informed him about the schedule for 4/1/13. He immediately said thats fine and he will notate my account. 

6. Monday 4/1/13, afternoon.. no call yet from the tech. so I called him to confirm the appointment , he said he is no longer assigned to me. So I called customer service to confirm was told by stewart garcia that there was no schedule and he show that the schedule is for 4/2/13. I asked to speak with his supervisor. Paulo told me that he will try to find an available tech that day but again there is none. Told him i will just wait for the schedule on 4/2/13. 

7. Tuesday 4/2/13, afternoon.. Still no call from the tech. I called and spoke with a girl named Vone, who hung up on me and refused to let me speak with her supervisor. Told me there is a network but she was referring to my phone not the internet, i told her to check my account again, then she realize i was calling for the internet and she told me there is a system issue as well. She also told me the onsite visit was cancelled because of that. She told me that she will coordinate again to get a schedule when she just me there was a system network issue. So i asked for her supervisor she said the name was Cliff Ayab. She said was engage to call so he cannot talk to me. I told her i will wait, i was on the phone for 40 mins by that time..then she disconnected the call. I was so furious!!

Today.... I called and requested to cancel my account permanently after all the problems I have experience. No Landline and No internet both with networks issues? I asked her to waive the termination fee due to my experience with the company, she denied my request. Refused to let me speak with her supervisor, said I will be told the same thing.

I do not agree with any the termination fee! I will NOT pay for it. Provide me the service i am paying for and i will continue my service with you.  I also have postpaid mobile account with you under my wife's name nearing the end of contact and we will not hesitate to cancel if you charge us a termination fee. Please help. If you could waive the termination fee, I will be a customer again once the network issue in my area is resolved or when you offer DSL in my area.

Cyberguy (I put my real name on my complaint letter)


Antenna                                                          Modem                                                

Globe WiMax Handset

After a 24 hours, I receive their reply... Here it goes...

Dear Mr. Cyberguy,
We are saddened by your intent to terminate your line subscription and regret that we were not able to provide satisfactory service. We sincerely apologize for the service gap you have experienced and for the inconvenience it has caused.
In order for us to process your request for termination, kindly send us the necessary documents (scanned copy). Please be informed that there is a corresponding termination fee if your account is under contract and request must come from the registered subscriber. With regards to your concern termination fee I’ll be taking note of your concern for further evaluation of our support group.
For account holder’s personal request and transaction:
·         Valid ID
·         Letter of request for termination with ballpoint signature - Kindly indicate your reason for termination.
·         Active contact number
If subscriber authorized another person to transact on his/her behalf:
·         Authorization letter with ballpoint signature of account holder/ letter of request for termination with ballpoint signature - Please indicate the reason for termination.
·         Valid IDs of account holder and authorized person.
·         Active contact number
Should you need further assistance, you may reach us through any of the following channels:
Globe Facebook Fan Page:
@talk2GLOBE on Twitter:
Roaming Hotline: +6327301212 - toll-free using a Globe postpaid mobile phone number or *131*6327301212# using a Globe prepaid mobile phone number (regular roaming rates shall apply).
Or through our hotline: 211 (toll-free via Globe mobile, min. load balance of P7.50 for prepaid) or (02) 730-1000 (toll-free via any Globe landline nationwide, toll-free within Metro Manila using other landline network carrier. Regular rates will apply using other landline network carrier outside Metro Manila).
Robert B.
Globe Telecom Customer Service


Wow! Super Canned response. They did not seem to read my letter in full or the agent did not understand my letter. Well it says lot about how they do business.

Update: Last Friday (4/5/2013) the modem was picked up, we still have the phone unit and their antenna. I am still waiting for them to pick it up. Should I just put them in the garbage?