Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Globe Wimax Complaints...continuous nightmare

Its been a little over two months ago since I cancelled my Globe Wimax Landline and Internet service.  Up until now I have not received a bill about the cancellation fee.  However, they started sending me text messages through under the name MS. CRUZ, threatening to take legal actions if I will not pay the termination to INNOVE amounting to P5,000 plus.

Who in his right mind would pay such amount for something that was not right from the start. Did MS. CRUZ know the reason I cancelled my service? May I remind you that it was Globe's inability to provide me services, which is why I cancelled my account? Or MS. CRUZ is just someone who is trying to make a commission if she was able to collect from me.

Well I am not afraid of legal threats and being blacklisted from Globe, I dont need their poor service anyway.

I think I should be the one taking legal actions against Globe and MS. CRUZ for harassing me. If it would be because of their poor customer service, I would still be a their customer by now. But then again they lost a potential loyal customer.

I have been with SmartBro for 6 years before I switch to Globe, because I wanted to have bundle service. I guess I made a huge mistake switching from SmartBro.